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We've Got Everything Covered

Scheduling, Production, Travel

Vendors, Volunteers, Contracts

Staff, Accommodation, Guests

Accreditation, Catering & more

Rock Solid

We are the longest-running festival management system, tried & tested by thousands of users worldwide.
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Dead Simple

We make it easy to juggle multiple tasks, people, and priorities through a simple web interface.
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Cost Effective

Pay one low price, no matter how many users, stages, days or performers you have.
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Highly Flexible

No matter what size or type of event, we can tailor the system to match your specific requirements.
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Manage all elements of complex events, including stages, artists, vendors, volunteers, guest lists, accreditation and catering – all for one transparent price.

Drag-and-drop to schedule performance times or map your vendor stalls, using our intuitive and totally customizable software

Gather and manage production, artist, volunteer or vendor information and requirements with online forms that match your branding

Create charts to see at a glance the status of the entire event, so you can easily understand what needs doing

Automatically generate event information to integrate seamlessly with your website or mobile app, keeping everything up to date instantly

Generate reports on any aspect of your event, from finances to accommodation

Schedule reminders, receive alerts and plot workflows with our project management tools

  • Secure access anywhere, any time

    Our secure application is based ‘in the cloud’, so there’s no software to install, or upgrades to perform. You can access everything you need from any web browser, and our super-simple interface means even the most non-technical people can use it.

  • Tools for your entire team

    We want everyone in your team to use our system, as we’ve built it to bring everything and everyone together in one place – which is why there’s a single cost no matter how many staff you have using it! We offer essential tools for every key role in your event management team.



Schedule performances, manage budgets, track contracts, gather riders, coordinate travel and simplify communication with performers and their management.
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Gather and accept applications, easily map vendor stalls, organize contracts, manage personnel and vehicle access, and streamline communication with vendors and suppliers.
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Accept and approve applications, set into roles (e.g. stewards, litter pickets, etc), schedule shifts, keep track of personal requirements such as food allergies, and know exactly who is where at any time.
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Manage access for every single non-ticketed person at your event – performers, crew, staff, vendors, guests and volunteers – with running totals of what’s been set, and integration with RFID wristbands.
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... and More

Manage catering, accept applications for performers, access for contractors, allocate accommodation, control guest-lists – and even manage conferences  and delegates with ease.
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Why choose us?

Simple to use

Forget about learning complicated software: everything can be done with a few clicks of your mouse. Easy, even for non-techies.

Clever technology

Our smart, holistic system means when you make a change in one place, the rest of the system adjusts automatically.

Use it your way

Customize our flexible component-based system to match your festival’s unique needs and your team’s working style.

Unlimited users

Our system works best when everyone uses it, so we don’t place limits on access or charge you more for adding users.

Tailored access

You can control who has access to every part of the system, and every user’s view is tailored to show only what’s relevant to their role.

Robust system

With an average 99.9% uptime and over 13 years of development and testing, you can rest assured the system will work flawlessly, 24/7.

Transparent pricing

You pay only one flat fee per event, regardless of the size of your event, or the number of people who need access.

Languages & currencies

Multiple languages and/or multiple currencies are available, even within the same event if you need them.

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